Truck & Bus Tube

Korean Technology, excellent quality with light weight;

Performance is very excellent.

Physical Performance Index much higher than National Standard, higher rubber ratio, attractive apperance.

All major certificates available: ISO/TS16946, CQC and ISO14001.

Size Valve   Size Valve
7.50R17 TR75A   12R22.5 TR300
8.25R17 TR77A   11.00R24 TR78A
7.00R18 TR75A   12.00R24 TR78A
7.50R18 TR75A   13.00R24 TR179A
15R19.5 TR300   14.00R24 TR179A
6.50R20 TR75A   13R22.5 TR300
7.00R20 TR75A   11R24.5 TR300
7.50R20 TR177A   12R24.5 TR300
8.25R20 TR77A,V3-04-10   7.00R15 TR75A
9.00R20 TR175A,V3-04-5   7.50R15 TR75A
10.00R20 TR78A,V3-04-5   8.00R15 TR177A
11.00R20 TR78A,V3-04-5   8.25R15 TR77A
12.00R20 TR78A,V3-04-5   9.00R15 TR78A
13.00R20 TR179A   10.00R15 TR78A
14.00R20 TR179A   11.00R15 TR78A
10.00R22 TR78A,V3-04-5   7.00R16 TR75A
11.00R22 TR78A,V3-04-5   7.50R16 TR177A
10R22.5 TR300   7.00R17 TR75A
11R22.5 TR300      

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