Multiple compound tread enhancing comfort, also increasing fuel utilization, reaching energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

Wide longitudinal grooves effectively increasing tire safety, ensuring high-speed driving, enhancing tire drainage, and wet traction.

Unequal pitch order greatly reducing coefficient and effectively lowering noise, as well as contributing to enhancing tire comfort.

Asymmetrical design clearly differentiating functions of inner and outer sides and greatly enhancing driving stability at high speed.

Diversified sipes and sliced grooves greatly improving tire stability and comfort in high-speed driving.

16 195/55R16 V 87 C C 71 440 A A
205/55R16 W 91 C C 71 440 A A
17 205/45R17 XL W 88 C C 71 440 A A
205/50R17 XL W 93 C C 71 440 A A
225/45R17 XL W 94 C C 71 440 A A
225/50R17 XL W 98 C C 71 440 A A
225/55R17 XL W 101 B C 71 440 A A
18 225/40R18 XL W 92 C C 71 440 A A
245/40R18 XL W 97 C C 70 440 A A
245/45R18 XL W 100 B C 71 440 A A

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